4-Step Program


Remember, Honor, Heal:
Creating a legacy that will last for generations


Why build a monument? What good will it accomplish? Will it help people remember? Will it help us heal? Will anyone care? Can we even make it happen? Can we improve community awareness and create a greater sense of unity and personal responsibility?

You may be asking yourself these and many other questions as you consider whether to start on the journey towards building a monument. But at the beginning, why is perhaps the most important question of all.

There are many reasons, and all of them are personal and emotional.

“People build monuments not because they do not know what else to do, but because there are wounds so deep that only monuments will serve to honor them.”– Andrew Butterfield, from “Monuments and Memories,” The New Republic, Jan. 30, 2003

For you or your group, it may be that you have loved ones that have made the ultimate sacrifice while in military or civil service. Perhaps you are involved in an important cause that you feel deserves a new level of recognition in your community, such as child abuse prevention, health research or education.

You may have also been emotionally affected by a larger national event, such as 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina, and would like to commemorate those who passed away or honor those who have contributed to ongoing recovery efforts.

For these or many other reasons, you are here, feeling a strong desire to build a monument that will express the feelings in your hearts and bring honor to your community.

At Monument Arts, we can turn this desire into a reality. We will listen to you and help you design a monument that represents the personal and emotional story behind your desire. We will also help you plan and execute the steps along the way to completion. It’s a big job, but one that we know from personal experience is very rewarding.

And in the end, you will create a legacy that will stand for generations.

Where do I start?