Budgets and Fundraising

How do I pay for it?

Please Note: Although Monument Arts does not raise funds, we can assist you in your fundraising efforts. We offer information, resources, and consulting advice uniquely designed for you to successfully raise the funds necessary for monument completion.

Finding the money to build your monument may seem monumental, but if you approach it in the right way, you will succeed – and get your efforts noticed in the community at the same time.

Once you have a firm plan in mind for your monument, Monument Arts will provide cost estimates for each stage of the planning, construction and dedication. These plans can then be scaled up or down to arrive at the ideal budget for your project.

Now, before you begin to raise money, you need to do some homework first. What follows is a four-question checklist that you shouldthoughtfully complete. Until you do, do not ask anyone to help financially, or your success will be dramatically compromised.

But first a fund-raising reality session: Years ago it used to be a rule of thumb that the “80-20 Rule” was how your fund-raising would end up; that is, 80 percent of the money would be raised by 20 percent of the contributors. However, times have changed, and as you start this campaign, be aware that the old 80-20 rule nowadays is now more like 90-10. You can go to the bank on this one: Ten percent of the donors to your project will raise ninety percent of the money. This is not an exaggeration.

The point is, do not assume that special events like car washes or bake sales will raise anything more than awareness. Give those small income events to your publicity committee, and don’t plan on these events raising more than 10 percent of the total. You have a bigger task at hand!

Ok, let’s begin by assuming that now you have the artist’s conception in your possession from Monument Arts and the costs are also calculated. You are now ready to begin by answering four questions. Click theLearn more… link below for more elaboration.

Question 1: How much money do you already have or can you have committed to the project?

Question 2: Who, or what individuals, companies, organizations or groups benefit from the project?

Question 3: Is there a charitable organization on the list, meaning one that has 501 (c)(3) status from the government?

Question 4: Who will be my chairman? Learn more…

Let’s build it!