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Battlefield Cross on Triangle Flagpole Surround SF




Monument Arts in Sandy, Utah has long been known for magnificent Grand Scale Marble, Granite and World Class Sculptural Memorials, with complete services from

Design To Dedication.

As a division of Colonial Flag-they also provide Custom Flags, research and a myriad of historic and flag restoration services. 2013 marks the year when Monument Arts created an entirely New Product Line:

Highest Quality Cast Stone Flagpole Bases, Flagpole Surrounds and Small Monuments for Current Conflicts, Veterans Associations, City Hall and so many more memorial needs.

Finely Detailed for Correct Architectural Styling, these Flagpole Surrounds, Bases and Monuments create visual excitement and will continue to inspire viewers for generations to come as highest durability testing proves longevity for generations, even in the harshest climates!

Click on the Downloads Below for Pricing Sheets for Individual Flagpole Surrounds:

Triangle Surround Price Sheet

Monument Arts Price Four Side Flagpole Surround

Monument Arts Price Five Side Flagpole Surround

Triange Flagpole Surround Installation Guide