Let’s build it!


This is where things get exciting! As you see your monument begin to take shape, not only will you feel your excitement growing, but the enthusiasm of your local community will begin to grow as well.

As your budget allows, you may want to plan a groundbreaking ceremony to attract interest in your project. You may also want to consider placing a flagpole or some other temporary or permanent marker at the site to keep your project in the hearts of your community before visible construction begins.

To help manage the many details involved in the construction phase, we recommend that you or someone from your volunteer board be appointed to act as Project Manager.

The Project Manager should be someone whom you trust to make decisions for the project, who shares your vision of the meaning of the monument, and who will have the attention to detail necessary to keep everything on track. The Project Manager will work directly with the Project Consultant and the team of experts at Monument Arts to approve each step of planning and construction.

The Project Manager will also coordinate with the committee and check for progress with assignments. At this stage, the committee will be fundraising, coordinating volunteer efforts, and planning the dedication ceremony. They will also be involved in public relations for the monument, talking to local (and possibly even national) press and creating a buzz in the community.

A lasting legacy.