Creating the Vision

What will our monument look like?


To begin creating your vision, we’d like you to take a moment to imagine your finished monument. Try not to limit yourself—let your imagination go wild. It might help to discuss this question among your committee: If money weren’t an issue…what would our monument look like?

Don’t worry—starting this way doesn’t mean your monument will end up being bigger or more expensive than necessary. But it’s a good way to tap into the emotional desire and vision of your group, which is driving your monument.

There are endless possibilities for your monument. Perhaps it will be as simple and poignant as a statue of the loved one you are honoring, with a plaque detailing his accomplishments. Or you might want to use a large piece of property to depict a specific moment in history.

You may want to include flags if your monument has a patriotic theme, and you will want to consider the landscaping and gardening surrounding your monument. You might even want your monument to be designed in an abstract way, allowing visitors to bring their own interpretations to it.

For some past project ideas, you might want to review our portfolio.

With your vision in mind, schedule your first meeting with a Monument Arts Project Consultant. Your Project Consultant will listen to your committee’s ideas, ask some questions and get a feeling for the emotion of your project. Then we will assign one our designers to prepare some preliminary rough drawings, which will be presented to your committee for discussion and input. This meeting will be followed up by a final meeting to look at a more complete and refined presentation. This presentation will eliminate the need for guess work and ensure that we are in sync with your committee’s desires. In fact, this is typically a very emotional moment. It is the moment when you and your group will first feel the reality of your project coming together. This presentation will also be a useful tool in inspiring others to join your cause and will be very useful during the fundraising process.

Your Project Consultant will manage all project details, based on the design and location of the monument, including contracting with all necessary outside vendors, such as sculptors, engineers and landscape architects.

And your Project Consultant will present cost estimates and help you scale your project up or down, depending on your ideal budget. He will also provide input and consultation on reliable ways to raise funds and get your community involved and excited.

How do we pay for it?