A lasting legacy

Once your monument is complete, before opening it to the general public, you will want to plan a dedication ceremony. This will be an opportunity to present the monument to your community, expressing your feelings about why you wanted to build the monument and what you hope it will mean. It is also a good opportunity to thank your sponsors by giving them a prominent and visible role.

Just as with your monument, your dedication ceremony will be a very personal and meaningful event for you and all those closely involved in its construction. It may be a small and intimate event with an invited audience, or it may be a large-scale event for everyone in your community. Your committee should discuss ideas and plan an event that is appropriate to your monument.

Monument Arts will also help you with the dedication ceremony. We have experience with all levels of dedication ceremonies, and having planned many in the past, we have contacts that can provide just about any activity you desire. For example, if your monument has a military theme, we can help you coordinate activities such military salutes or fly-overs. We can also give you input about inviting local politicians to attend or speak at your event, as well as a variety of other special activities.

As construction moves forward and a firm date can be set for dedication, you should also use your committee members to publicize the dedication ceremony and the monument itself. Your local newspapers and television news programs will want to be informed of times, details and the personal stories behind your monument. This will create ongoing buzz in your community and also give your sponsors welcome publicity as well.

When the day of your ceremony arrives, you and your committee will have all the details prepared and the necessary assignments made, so that the ceremony runs smoothly. You will be able to fully experience the many emotions that the ceremony will surely bring you. Particularly if your monument is honoring a deceased loved one, you will find the dedication ceremony to be an important milestone of your healing.

It will be a day to remember, to honor and to heal.

To begin planning your monument, contact your Project Consultant now.