How We Design a Stone Flagpole Surround for You

We are honored to assist clients in designing inspirational carvings for the Patriot Flagpole Surrounds sold from Colonial Flag in Sandy, Utah This one featured the best of the Military Commanders, and IKE was the first choice of the client. We research and choose images, (or clients bring them to us of their own family military heroes), then create a vector line drawing from the photograph.

240x240_eisenhower 58-54


Clients then choose an image from the proofs and we proceed to carve their stonework.



The stonework exemplifies the character and iconic qualities of the images and since it is durable for hundreds of years, brings home for our client, their colleagues and families, a tangible sense of history.

Download a Triangle Surround Specifications and Pricing Sheet:

Triangle Surround Price Sheet

Monument Arts Carving Prices Monument Component

Ike_Proof Final Proof to Client


Magnificent Carved Military Grade Cast Stone Flagpole Surround created by Monument ARTS, a Division of Colonial Flag