Download Cast Stone and Monument Components Price Sheets

Monuments create a sacred space, emotional, inspiring and uplifting, honoring heroes past and present.

Our clients from small Cities to Veterans Organizations, Mayors to County Commissioners have all asked us–

“How do we create smaller monuments, especially to honor Veterans of Current Conflicts?”

—Please design commemorative elements in a myriad of shapes and configurations that we can immediately use

to place in a city park, at the library entrance, or visitors center, in front of our Veterans Home within a budget

that we can afford right away.

We are honored to be asked to design and customize for our clients, American Made Monuments from pentagon grade

cast stone with tested durability in even the harshest winter conditions for generations of durability.

Armed Forces Monument  and Bench Set SS5

Bench#1     Click Below Link for Small Monument Above Set Price Sheet:

Monument ARTS 12 Panel Monument and Two Benches

1X5 _1 panel

5 panel Seated


Two Pentagon Benches, Eight Standard Benches, and a Double Height Five Branch Monument Price Sheet Download Below:

Monument Arts Pentagon Bench 2 Memorial SET

5 singles _1

5 singles _2


Monument Arts Five Branch Single Monument Set, Four triangle Flagpole Surrounds and Six Benches Price Sheet Download Below:

Monument ARTS Small Set Triangle FPS and Monument

4 side & 7 panne _4l


4 side & 7 pannel_2 4 Side sphere

Washington Four Sided Flagpole Surround at each corner of a 36 Panel Monument: Click below for price sheet download;

Monument ARTS 36 Panel Monument and Square FP Surrounds


Pentagon Base#2

Pentagon Base#1

Two Pentagon Flagpole Surrounds Eight Benches and 22 Panel Monument Price Sheet Download below:

Monument Arts 50 PC Pentagon FPS Memorial SET

5X5 Close _2

Military Forces_2   5X5 Full

Five Single Monuments, Six Benches and Four, Five Branch Flagpole Bases: Price Sheet Download Below:

Monument Arts 5B w FPBase DRAFT 10 5 13 Base