Vietnam Memorial Flagpole Surround Created in Massachusetts

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An Incredible customer in Massachusetts who purchased a residential flagpole was reminiscing about his service years in Vietnam.

IMG_0276[1]     IMG_0280[1]

He decided to have us create a Custom Flagpole Surround depicting a 1968 Vietnam Map with Corps Territories.

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These photographs sent to us depict the installation process for both the flagpole and the Custom Stone Surround.

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What an honor for us to be able to create a monument for a client which is both meaningful and historic.

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Thank You Dr. Adcock for allowing us to be a part of a memorial to your history as a Veteran!

IMG_0310[1]      Battlefield Cross on Triangle Flagpole Surround SF


A photograph of a Current BlackHawk Pilot and his daughter with the Flagpole Surround before it left Monument Arts in Utah:

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